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As more organizations are embarking on the digital transformation journey by moving their on-premises workloads to the Cloud, there are multiple migration paths to choose from — to re-host on Cloud IaaS service or refactor for the Cloud PaaS service or to go Serverless. One thought that every organizations’ migration board deliberates on before starting their Cloud journey is about the choice of the Cloud Service Provider(CSP) and getting locked in with them in the future. …

In this article, we will understand why Oracle to PostgreSQL DBaaS migration is important and how it can be achieved in terms of tools and approaches.

Photo by Jordi Fernandez on Unsplash

In addition to already existing triggers like Digital Transformation, Datacenter consolidation, DevOps Automation, and adoption of new technologies, COVID-19 Pandemic has proved to be another major trigger that has forced CIOs and CTOs to re-think about the migration of on-premise workloads to the cloud so that the application and IT teams can access the applications and continue with their daily operations irrespective of their work locations.

One emerging use case of cloud migration is on-premise Oracle database to PostgreSQL Database as a Service(DBaaS) migration. …

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